Company Description

Spyce is on a mission to change the way the world eats—serving healthy, restaurant-quality, meals at affordable prices.  Our Spyce Kitchen delivers customers freshly prepared meals in minutes - all at the touch of a button.  Our technology enables us to spend more where it matters.  Our culinary team is advised by world-renowned chefs and we craft recipes from ingredients that are locally sourced or from partners we trust.  If you're interested in transforming the fast food industry, contact us - we're excited to meet you.   

Spyce Kitchen

The Spyce Kitchen creates every meal cooked-to-order from fresh ingredients. For our engineering team, it’s a quick symphony of autonomous culinary craft. Over 60 active degrees of freedom, precision machined parts and a small army of sensors allow us to measure and cook each meal to the gram, degree and second. If you like clever mechanisms, elegant design and taste-testing free meals while you tinker; this could be the job for you. 

Build Engineer/Technician 

We are looking for a talented fabricator to join our technology development team on a full-time basis.

Duties and Responsibilities
-  Take on and lead machine build projects from the ground up
-  Assemble machine assemblies and components
-  Route wires and plumbing
-  Fabricate machine parts
-  Lead testing projects and document results
-  Update and maintain the BOM and other important documentation
-  Test and debug machine components
-  Oversee our workshop and maintain safety protocols

Key Qualifications
-  Several years of experience doing practical work fabricating/assembling/fixing/building etc.
-  Some experience running a workshop preferred
-  Experience with four or more of the following skills (milling, turning, welding, sheet metal
    fabrication, cable making, wire routing, plumbing)
-  Diversity of skills and excellent hands on work using a variety of materials (particularly metals)
-  Willingness to learn new skills and take on unfamiliar tasks
-  Excellent organization and documentation


This position is an exciting opportunity to launch and grow a transformative restaurant concept. This hire will work closely with the whole team to ensure everyday they are building with a purpose and keeping the vision in mind.

We are looking for individuals that are driven, flexible and excited to eat delicious food.

This is a full-time position and includes benefits. Please send a cover letter and resume to

Kale Rogers
Spyce, COO