Company Description

Spyce is on a mission to change the way the world eats—serving healthy, restaurant-quality, meals at affordable prices.  Our Spyce Kitchen delivers customers freshly prepared meals in minutes - all at the touch of a button.  Our technology enables us to spend more where it matters.  Our culinary team is advised by world-renowned chefs and we craft recipes from ingredients that are locally sourced or from partners we trust.  If you're interested in transforming the fast food industry, contact us - we're excited to meet you. 

Spyce Commissary

Spend more where it counts.

This simple idea is the bedrock of our company. Everywhere we can we look to increase efficiency and re-invest in the integrity of our food. We go the extra mile to streamline processes, innovate where we need to and give our employees the tools and skills to execute their jobs quickly and with the utmost care and consistency. Our food is our gift to customers, and our customers deserve freshness, nutrition and mouthwatering deliciousness. If you like improving process quality and efficiency, love food and want to be part of our mission, please apply! 

Operations Manager

Duties and Responsibilities
-  Establish commissary operation and best practice procedures
-  Use a quantitative approach to ingredient and efficiency tracking  
-  Adapt and design new processes to improve efficiency
-  Establish ingredient sourcing procedures
-  Work with our culinary team to roll out new menu items on a seasonal basis
-  Address edge case scenarios and respond to issues
-  Hire and train commissary staff  

Key Qualifications
-  3+ years of experience in operations (preferably related to food)
-  Strong problem solving and analysis skills
-  Excellent interpersonal communication (both verbally and written) and leadership ability
-  Ability to prioritize multiple tasks while staying organized
-  Highly motivated, takes initiative
-  Willing to get hands dirty if need be
-  Quantitative mindset, and good at Excel


This position is an exciting opportunity to launch and grow a transformative restaurant concept. This hire will work closely with the whole team to ensure everyday they are building with a purpose and keeping the vision in mind.

We are looking for individuals that are driven, flexible and excited to eat delicious food.

This is a full-time position and includes benefits. Please send a cover letter and resume to

Kale Rogers
Spyce, COO