Company Description

Spyce is on a mission to change the way the world eats—serving healthy, restaurant-quality, meals at affordable prices.  Our Spyce Kitchen delivers customers freshly prepared meals in minutes - all at the touch of a button.  Our technology enables us to spend more where it matters.  Our culinary team is advised by world-renowned chefs and we craft recipes from ingredients that are locally sourced or from partners we trust.  If you're interested in transforming the fast food industry, contact us - we're excited to meet you.

Spyce Tech

Software brings the Spyce experience to life. Our software team orchestrates robotic systems, real-time ordering, digital displays and power electronics to craft a personalized culinary experience for each customer. If developing the brain behind our new style of restaurant intrigues you, drop us a line--we’d be happy to connect :)

Software Engineer

We are looking for a talented software engineer to join our technology development team on a full-time basis.

Duties & Responsibilities:
-  Architecting, implementing, debugging, deploying, and maintaining the software that runs the
    Spyce machine and restaurant
-  Developing a robust and fault tolerant software system to deliver meals from the Spyce machine
-  Using components developed by Spyce and our manufacturing partners
-  Writing software to parse orders from customer POS system and send appropriate instructions to
    our machine PLC
-  Determining edge case scenarios and writing software to account for them
-  Working with electrical engineers on the selection and evaluation of electronic components and
-  Working with UX team to implement UI/UX concepts on digital displays

Key Qualifications:
-  2-5 years of industry experience designing, writing, debugging and validating software for
    mechanical systems
-  Some experience writing firmware preferred
-  Experience working alongside a UI/UX team
-  Proficiency in Python, C++ etc.
-  Understanding of networking fundamentals and configuration
-  Comfortable specing and selecting hardware for software purposes.
-  Ability to communicate well with cross-functional team members, and efficiently collaborate to
    achieve project goals
-  Comfortable with HTML and Android
-  Experience with Linux and embedded systems

-  Experience building robotic systems
-  Experience with digital signage or multi-monitor setups
-  Passionate about test driven development cycles
-  Love for food

This position is an exciting opportunity to launch and grow a unique restaurant concept. This hire will work closely with the whole team to ensure everyday they are building with a purpose and keeping the vision in mind.

We are looking for individuals that are driven, flexible and excited to eat delicious food.

This is a full-time position and includes benefits. Please send a cover letter and resume to



Kale Rogers
Spyce, COO