Spyce is on a mission to change the way the world eats—serving healthy, restaurant-quality, meals at affordable prices.  Our Spyce Kitchen delivers customers freshly prepared meals in minutes - all at the touch of a button.  Our technology enables us to spend more where it matters.  Our culinary team is advised by world-renowned chefs and we craft recipes from ingredients that are locally sourced or from partners we trust.  If you're interested in transforming the fast food industry, contact us - we're excited to meet you.  


Process Engineer

Delicious is in the details. If you like analyzing systems to ensure consistent quality & speed, well then we have something for you to sink your teeth into.


Software Engineer

Help us write the code for the future of fast food. It starts with flavor(SpyceMeal) {return “Delicious”;} but we can talk details once you click below to learn more!


Mechanical Engineer

We develop technology to help us achieve our mission—making flavor-packed, nutrient rich meals that people can afford. So if you have a passion for food and love tinkering, slide your mouse and click on that button below!


Community Marketing Specialist

Food is intrinsically social and community based. Help us create smiles, memories and value for the communities that have given us so much over the years.


Director of Operations

We have to get fresh ingredients into our Spyce Kitchens somehow. If you are an operations type that cares about implementing ultra-efficient processes and creating quality meals for a bunch of people, click through and learn more!


Graphic Design Summer Internship

Boston is a great place to be in the summer. If you love food and want to work with a unique team of professionals in Operations, Engineering, Design and Food--well you have a recipe for an incredible experience! Click below to learn more!